Saloon boat Style

Open boat if weather permits

Saloon boat with questionable weather

Dining in style

Saloonboat Style

The Style is the only saloonboat in Amsterdam to have a fully transparent roof in the winter months, allowing you to admire the atmospheric city center with its beautifully illuminated bridges and canal houses in its entirety. From the outside, the roof is opaque, so you can enjoy it intimately and privately. Mahogany double glazed windows, mood lighting and good heating ensure a comfortable setting, even in extremely bad weather. This makes the boat ideal for your planned cruise, regardless of whether you want to book a private cruise or even an à la carte dinnercruise.

You sit on the Style in the front of the boat and you therefore have the best view!


Shiny smooth mahogany, decks made out of teak wood, lots of brass details and black and white striped cushions. A true eye catcher is the central bar, offering a wide variety of champagnes, wines and several chilled drinks. Would you rather enjoy a cup of coffee or tea? We will brew this freshly for you on board. There even is a hidden toilet on board of our saloon boat Style.
On board of our beautifully restored and 100% electric classic saloon boat Style you will experience Amsterdam in style. Relaxing on the soft cushions and being surrounded by any type of 21st century comfort, you will find yourself in Mediterranean atmospheres during summertime.

In the winter we make it the perfect saloon boat with a fixed transparent roof, mahogany windows with double glazing and good heating.

On board

  • Experienced captains 
  • Authentic details
  • Transparant roof
  • Double glazed windows
  • Sun awning at summer temperatures
  • Heating 
  • Ekectric toilet
  • Espresso machine
  • Two refrigerators
  • 220 Voltage and USB
  • Wifi and Spotify
  • Capacity up to 12 persons 


Our Style was built in 1914 on shipyard Helder in Paterswolde, by the name of ‘Iris’.
Originally it was a hardwood saloon boat with decks made out of teak. It was mainly used on the lakes in the noth of the Netherlands for transportation in comfort.

During the years the roof has been removed. It took us three years to restore the boat ourselves to its original state. The design of the roof is true craftsmanship and allows us cruise as well as a saloon boat and a fully open boat. During our yearly maintenance the boat is completely painted and varnished to make sure she looks perfect at any time.
We are very proud to announce our saloon boat Style will shortly be rewarded ‘Sailing Heritage’ by the Dutch Register of Sailing Heritage.

Attention to detail

On board our ships you can experience the feeling of “the good old days” without having to give up modern comfort.

The biggest challenge was to hide all the modern technology on board in a way that it is not visible. We cruise 100% electrically, we charge the batteries with green energy, we select our caterers based on working with regional products, we support local entrepreneurs and we recycle our waste.

Our boats have been restored as authentically as possible in such a way that they can be adapted to the weather conditions.

This way we can always offer you the ideal boat.

Our experienced and professional captains can tell you all about the city's sights and history

We were impressed by the beautifully restored saloon boat and the expertise of the captain