Saloon boat Sparkle

Intimate setting

Extensive bar

Enjoying the sun

Saloon boat Sparkle

In the beautifully restored and 100% electric salon boat Sparkle, built in 1905, you will experience Amsterdam in style.

In the attractive salon of lacquered mahogany wood you will find many authentic details such as copper lighting, stained glass, bar with hard stone top, many brass details, facet cut windows that can all be opened and a spacious cockpit where you can enjoy the sun. .

The Sparkle is also equipped with every luxury, such as: good heating, a spacious toilet, a wine climate cabinet with the finest wines, a bar with an extensive range and a coffee bar. 

Exclusive dining in an intimate setting on the water is our specialty. On board the Sparkle you can enjoy a romantic à la carte dinner or lunch in style for 2 to a maximum of 12 people, or a special evening with your family, friends, colleagues or business associates. The Sparkle has a Smart TV and is also ideal for (product) presentations, team building and company outings.


Shinny lacquered mahogany panels with wood carvings, brass lighting with frosted glass, facet, leather details, marble bar with a wide selection, marble cabinets with drawer unit and wine climate cabinet, a marble coffee bar with hot water dispenser for a cup of tea at the right temperature, mahogany windows with faceted double glazing that can gradually sink into the hull.
The sunlight shines through the original stained glass and gives the luxurious interior even more color. Sink into the cross-stitched blue plush cushions and let us pamper you. You are surrounded by every form of 21st century comfort and luxury, but we have carefully concealed this so that you do not see any cables. Even the toilet is the most beautiful of all saloon boats with indirect lighting, marble, hot water and golden details. Salon boat Sparkle has both an intimate ambiance for 2 and space for a dinner for 12 people.

On board

  • Authentic details
  • Electric toilet
  • Espresso machine
  • Wine climate cabinet
  • Heating
  • Open roof and open windows
  • Experienced captains, also hosts
  • 220 Volt and USB
  • WIFI and Spotify
  • Maximum 12 people
  • Also for dinner


Since May 2024, we have proudly presented the most luxurious salon boat in Amsterdam.

Salon boat Sparkle was built in 1905 at the N.V. Werf “De Amstel” shipyard of J.P.G. Thiebout in Amsterdam. Saloon boats were built in the first half of the 20th century and were usually luxuriously furnished according to the wishes of the client, often a notable, such as a doctor or notary. They used this to visit their patients or clients, but they also used their saloonboat to relax on the water with relations, family and friends. The slender hull of the saloonboat Sparkle and the chic narrow wooden superstructure with arched windows and panel parts are a feast for the eyes. The sunlight casts beautiful colors into the salon through the original stained glass in the roof.

We therefore assume that the salon boat Sparkle will soon be declared a Sailing Monument by the Netherlands Sailing Heritage Federation.

Attention to detail

On board our ships you can experience the feeling of “the good old days” without having to give up modern comfort.

The biggest challenge was to hide all the modern technology on board in a way that it is not visible. We cruise 100% electrically, we charge the batteries with green energy, we select our caterers based on working with regional products, we support local entrepreneurs and we recycle our waste.

Our boats have been restored as authentically as possible in such a way that they can be adapted to the weather conditions.

This way we can always offer you the ideal boat.

Our experienced and professional captains can tell you all about the city's sights and history