Saloon boat Salute

Authentic details

Private dining

In open air

Saloon boat Salute

On board of our beautifully restored saloon boat Salute, you will experience Amsterdam in style. The cosy, mahogany clad interior of the saloon boasts many authentic details such as copper lighting, leaded glass cabinets, granite bar countertop, facet cut windows and numerous brass details.
It goes without saying that the Salute is comfortable and up to date with good heating both inside the saloon as well as in the aft section. This section even has a retractable roof! On board you will also find a private toilet, a climate controlled wine cabinet with a selection of the finest wines and a well-stocked bar. We even have an espresso bar. Up to 12 people can enjoy this experience on our unique and exclusive saloon boat Salute.


The atmosphere of the older days…. The shiny mahogany wood, the classic ambiance and the comfortable aft deck with its soft cushions is what makes our saloon boat Salute unique. The roof of the aft deck is fully retractable and all windows of the saloon can be opened completely, if temperatures allow. This way you will be able to fully enjoy the sunshine, the atmosphere and the beautiful historic buildings of Amsterdam. Our double-glazed windows, together with a good quality heating system ensure you will be comfortable on board with any type of weather. Furthermore, saloon boat Salute is 100% electric which results in a silent private cruise where you will not hear or smell the engine.

On board

  • Many authentic details
  • Toilet
  • Espresso machine
  • Climate controlled wine cabinet
  • Heating
  • Retractable roof and windows
  • Experienced captains, also your host
  • 220 Volt and USB
  • WIFI & Spotify
  • Maximum capacity of 12 persons


Saloon boat Salute was built in 1922 at ‘Gebroeders Drijver’ in Leeuwarden in the north of The Netherlands. It was originally used by notary De Boer to discuss business in a private atmosphere and to take his family out on Sundays. We managed to restore the saloon boat in three years time to its original state. Due to a yearly extensive maintenance period where we give the entire boat a fresh coat of paint, we make sure the Salute is in an impeccable condition.We are very proud that Salute has been rewarded ‘Sailing Heritage’ by the Dutch Register of Sailing Heritage

Attention to detail

On board of our saloon boats you will find yourself being ‘back in the days’ whilst being surrounded by all contemporary comfort and luxury.

When restoring the boats our biggest challenge was to install all modern equipment in a way it will not be visible to the eye.

Our boats are powered by electric lithium ion batteries, that are charged with green energy. We select our caterers on working with local produce, we support local entrepreneurs and we recycle our waste.

Both of our saloon boats are restored in the most authentic possible way, with great attention to being adjustable to all weather conditions, which allows us to be able to offer you the perfect boat at any time.


Our experienced and professional captains can tell you all about the city's sights and history

“We had a fantastic tour. Excellent boat and an excellent captain”