Back on the water!

Classic sloop Style












On board of the beautifully restored Classic sloop ‘Style’, built in 1914, you will experience Amsterdam in style. The mahogany bar is a real eye catcher and offers a wide variety of champagnes, wines and other cold drinks. Coffee and tea are also available. We even have a hidden toilet on board. While relaxing on the soft cushions, enjoying the sunshine and being surrounded by every type of 21st-century comfort and luxury, you might find yourself in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Due to the fact our sloop Style is 100% electric, you will not hear nor smell the engine. During wintertime classic sloop Style is equipped with a high quality roof, windows and heating and in case of high temperatures we can set up a sunroof.

On board

  • Many authentic details
  • Electric toilet
  • Espresso machine
  • High quality roof when bad weather
  • Sunroof
  • Experienced captains
  • Heating
  • 220 volt
  • Wifi and Spotify
  • Maximum 12 persons


We provide the finest, high class breakfasts, lunches, high teas and dinners, which are in collaborate with the best restaurants on the water. You can make your ‘a la carte’ choice on board or tell us, in advance, your preferred dishes or restaurant. We cruise to the restaurant while you have a drink with some luxurious nibbles. Then we serve you the freshly prepared food on board. While you are enjoying your first course the city slowly passes by.  After a short stop, we serve you the next course. You can then discover another part of the town. This unique experience is only available in Amsterdam.

Our captains are also guides and have years of experience on the canals of Amsterdam. They take you to the most beautiful spots. Our saloon boat fits under the smallest bridges, which is ideal to show you the most atmospheric places in Amsterdam, where other boats cannot go. We are specialised in lunch and dinner tours. In a unique and intimate setting you can choose to dine inside or outside. We always carry a wide selection of matching wines for you. Since the boat is 100% electric, the city seems to pass slowly by when you are enjoying your meal. It is a unique experience.

Our experienced and professional captains can tell you all about the sights and history of the city.


In the photo gallery you will find pictures of the interior, the atmosphere on board and the Amsterdam canals.