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Is the boat heated?
Salute: this boat has a good heating system that keep the boat warm under all circumstances.
Style: this boat has no heating, but blankets on board for when it gets colder.
Is there a toilet on board?
Both our boats have a toilet on board.
Can I listen to my own music on board?
You can play your own music on our system thru bluetooth.
Additionally we have WiFi and Spotify, so we can play all the music you like to hear.
Can I use my phone charger on board?
Yes, our boats have 220 volt and USB connections.


Should I pre-order coffee or tea?
No, we make this fresh for you on board.
Can I also order wine and champagne by glass?
Wine and champagne go by the bottle. For choices and prices see barlist
Should I pre-order beverages?
No, all drinks on our barlist are sufficiently on board. Only the champages on request and other special wishes, you can order in advance.
Should I pre-order catering?
Yes, your order must be in at least 48 hours before the start of your cruise to be garanteed.
Do I need to give the menu choices in advance?
No, you can dine à la carte on the Salute up to 5 people. Dining à la carte on the Style is also possible on request.
Can I eat vegetarian?
Yes, there is a vegetarian option at every course.
Can you take my dietary needs into account?
Yes, if you let us know in advance, we will ask the chefs what’s possible.
May I bring my own wine?
Yes, in that case we will charge €15,00 corkage fee per bottle of wine. If you are bringing champagne we will charge €25,00 corkage fee per bottle. Glasses you can use from us.
Is there ice on board?
Yes, our boats always have ice on board.
How can I pay for the consumed drinks?
Cash, with Maestro, American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Apple pay.


I want to cruise today, is this possible?
We are specialized in last minute, so if we’re not already booked, this is possible. If you call 0653993066, you know our availability right away.
What is the minimum cruising time?
Untill 18.00 hours we apply a minimum 1 hour boat rental. After 18.00 hours is the minimum 2 hours boat rental.
What is the minimum cruising time with lunch?
1.5 hours, depending on the lunch choice.
What is the minimum cruising time with à la carte dinner?
2.5 hours at a dinner cruise with 3 course menu of 1 restaurant.
3 hours at a dinner cruise with 3 course menu deluxe from 3 different restaurants.
When does the cruising time start?
From the moment the cruise is reserved.
Can I also decide on board if I want to cruise longer?
That is possible if our schedule allows this. We charge 90 euro per half hour extra.
Can I change or cancel a reservation?
Yes, please see our cancellation policy.
I don't have a credit card. Can I also book with iDeal?
Yes, the invoice comes with a payment link that allows you to easily pay through your own bank.
I want to book with paypal, is that possible?
Yes, we send you a payment link together with the invoice.


Where can I start and finish my cruise?
Within the heart of the ancient city you can decide where you like to start and finish your cruise for free. Beyond we charge extra.
What is the route?
Together with the captain you decide the route through the canals and surrounding waters of Amsterdam.
Can we also get explanation on where we are and what we see?
Yes, the captain is also your guide and can tell you everything about the city and its history.
Can I take a wheelchair/stroller on board?
Yes, if it can be folded. We will suggest a good boarding place depending on where you like to start your cruise and access to the jetty.
May we smoke on board?
Salute: Not in the salon, but you can smoke at the back of the boat.
Style: You can smoke whenever you like.
I have a set budget. Is there also an all-inclusive price possible?
You can contact us and we will look at what is possible.