Back on the water!

Protocol Private Canal Cruises following the guidelines of the RIVM and requirements of the Emergency Ordinance COVID-19 safety region Amsterdam-Amstelland 1 June 2020

We have tried to answer all question you might have according cruising in Amsterdam according to Covid-19 regulations:

Can I cruise the canals in Amsterdam again?
We are very pleased to be able to offer you private boat tours again under certain conditions. We would like to share our happiness with you and therefore give you a temporary 25% discount on the boat rental!

Do I have to book in advance?
This is now mandatory. You can book your cruise via the contact form as you are used to. Last-minute trips are also possible (see below).

Are there additional conditions?
We apply the guidelines of RIVM and assume that you inform us at least 1 day before the start of the tour in case of any Corona-related symptoms are bothering one of the persons in your party. In case of Corona-related symptoms, the booking will be moved in consultation.

RIVM guidelines: Stay at home if you have mild cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, a runny nose, sneezing, a mild cough or a fever below 38 degrees Celsius. If you have a fever above 38 degrees Celsius or shortness of breath, you and anyone you live with should stay at home. If you feel better and have not had any symptoms for 24 hours, you can go outside again.

Are last-minute cruises possible?
Last-minute boat tours are possible; we are specialized in this. You can simply call us on +31(0) 653993066. In order to comply with the regulations issued by the city counsel, we will ask you to also fill in the contact form.

We will also ask you to answer the 2 extra questions:
1. We ask if there are Corona-related symptoms with one of the persons of your party.
2. The other question contains the composition of your party that gives us insight into how we can comply with the 1.5 meter distance.

With how many people can I cruise?
The available space on board allows to cruise with up to 8 people, on the condition that all persons belong to the same household.
If this is not the case, the 1.5-meter measures allows to cruise with a maximum of 4 people. (2 couples are therefore also possible).
Due to our good relations with colleagues who own larger ships in the 5 star segment, we can also advise you if you want to cruise with more people. 

Is the bar available on board?
Yes. Because of the distance measures, the bar is self-service. Consumed drinks on board can be paid for after your cruise on board. The bar is accessible on both boats without having to pass the captain. 

Is it possible to order catering?
Definitely. Ordering of catering / bites depends on your wishes and what the guidelines allow us at the time of the cruise. Full catering is now available again, with the exception of buffets. We only work with suppliers who comply with the HACCP. 

Can I also dine a la carte on board again?
Absolutely. Our trusted restaurants are open again. The chefs use local ingredients and the courses are served directly from the kitchen(s).
Definitely recommended if you want to enjoy culinary delights, but would rather avoid the full restaurants. 

Can I pay wireless on board?
You can pay for the consumed drinks on board wireless with any bank card and credit card. This option has our preference. We will send you the digital invoice on the spot to your phone or email. 

Can I also pay cash?
Cash payments on board are possible. We would like to avoid cash handling, so we ask you to put the entire amount in an envelope we will give you. Please note we will have no change on board.

Do the captains respect the 1.5 meters distance?
Our professional captains know the guidelines and act accordingly to protocols of Private Canal Cruises, where the 1.5 meter is of course respected.

The 1.5 meter distance unfortunately does not allow us to help you on board as you are normally used from us. If you have difficulty walking, we will find a suitable dock near your preferred location so you can easily get on board. We will welcome you on the dock and briefly inform you about the working methods on board.
There is a possibility to wash your hands on board and there are paper towels. Disinfectant hand gel is available on board as well.

What additional measures does Private Canal Cruises take? 

  • Our boats have always been thoroughly cleaned. We are now planning extra time in between our cruises to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected before starting a new cruise.
  • On both of our boats it is possible at your request to place a transparent dividing wall between your company and the captain. On the Style this is only possible in the closed version.
  • Our captains are obliged to be tested immediately if they have minor Corona-related complaints. Of course they don’t work until the negative result is received. 


We can not wait to offer you the service and quality you can expect from us again, with respect to the current limitations. 

We hope to welcome you on board soon!